In my opinion, the word racist is one of the most overused words in the English language.  Our society has become so accustomed to labeling someone a racist without any merit or proof.  Most of the times, it is pure speculation. Other times, it is the easy way out, taking the place of civil debate that may actually lead to a different conclusion.  Whatever the reason for using the word, it is used quite often. The reason I am writing this column today is because I have been attacked by so many over the past few years, called a racist and a bigot, because of my views on immigration.  Are people so shallow to think that wanting to stop illegal immigrants is fueled by my hate of a certain race?  If you disagree with the policies of the president, it must be because of his skin color right?  If you point out the fact that non whites commit more crimes than whites, you must be prejudice, right?  This ignorance and lack of reasoning causes so many, more specifically the main stream, race baiting, liberal media, to label everybody who speaks out about this kind of stuff  a racist.  Quite frankly, I am sick of it and glad a few, like Bill O’Reilly are starting to speak out against it.
Since I started wrestling for Lucha Libre USA over 3 years ago, my message and mission have been very simple.  Stop the Mexican influence in The United States professional wrestling scene and let people know that the overwhelming stats and costs that accompany illegal immigration are true.  My goal has never been to infuriate the Mexican people or to hate the president.  Of course in pro wrestling certain things need to be said to garner a little more controversy, but the overall message is there.  The United States Government has dropped the ball on border security and illegal immigrants of all areas, not just Mexico, are coming here and costing us a bundle.  Some people say I am brave to say what I say. I say that everybody who is proud to be an American should stand up for what is right, and strike down what is wrong.  This is not an issue of race, but an issue of legality.  Illegal means illegal and until someone has the paperwork to work here, I will not welcome them with open arms.  My voyage continues.
After the Trayvon Martin verdict, as expected, the race baiters were out in full force.  Anybody who has heard Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson speak, knew they would use this teenager’s death to boost their own self worth.  These two men, along with others from the NAACP and other civil groups have done nothing but further divide the country by race.  They say it was a racist verdict.  Do you think if it was 6 black jurors on the bench, it would have been a fair trial?  I don’t.  Do you think it was a racial verdict when a jury (9 out of 12 blacks) acquitted OJ Simpson in his murder trial?  I do.  So, racism doesn’t always come from whites.  Hate can come from both sides.  Unfortunately, ignorance and hatred will always exist.  The black community has made huge leaps and bounds over the past decades, twice electing a black president.  For that I am happy.  But when racial antagonists like Sharpton, Jackson and even Eric Holder poison the minds of the impressionable black youths, that is not progress, but in my opinion, racism.  How come they don’t march and protest when a black is killed by another black?  Because it does not fit into their agenda, that’s why.
When Sean Hannity had a member of the NAACP on his show last week and asked him if he knew the names of any of the young black men who died in Chicago during the Trayvon Martin trial, he couldn’t.  Not one!!  This is a member of an organization who should be promoting the advancement of colored people.  Well to know the name of one young man who is all over the mainstream media but none of the others who have been lost in drug and gang fights means he is not doing his job.  I encourage any of the African Americans who read this piece to listen to Dr. Benjamin Carson, Allen West, Charles Payne and listen to their message.  To keep blaming whites for the problems in this country will not lead to progress, but to a further divided Republic.  We don’t need that.  Of course there are racial disparities in the justice system and black are often profiled and targeted, but those are not the reasons for every shortcoming in the black community.  Maybe O’Reilly is right when he points to the marriages out of wedlock, the gangs, the school choices and the drug influence.  Again, maybe I am being racist. Who knows.
In closing, I am not a racist.  I have friends from different countries.  Friends of different colors and cultures.  However, I will not bend over while illegals take over our country.  I will not sit and take it when “I voted for Mitt Romney because he is white” is considered a racial remark and “I voted for Barrack Obama because he is black” is accepted.   The biased media will continue to try to take down our country by the divide and conquer method, and I will continue to do my part to point out their agenda, every step of the way.  In the process, I am sure I will be called a racist.  Bring it on.
RJ Brewer
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One Response to Racism

  1. Bish says:

    Refreshing to hear a voice for American! Keep up the good work and keep speaking up. America needs your voice since we are being drown out by the corrupt liberal media.

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