Gun Control

Gun Control does not work, period.  End of story.  It never has, it never will.  I have been a very outspoken advocate against gun control, even before I knew how to shoot a gun.  The fact that someone’s idiotic, psychotic actions would be attributed to a tool, rather than the person is absurd, at best.  In countries or states where gun control and strict anti gun measures have been put in place, the results have been clear, it does not work.  Take Mexico for example.  Citizens are pretty much prohibited from owning guns, yet there have been over 50,000 gun deaths in Mexico in the last seven years.  The strict gun laws have not stopped the cartel from assasinating the Mexican citizens.  If the citizens of Mexico were armed, would these deaths decrease?  You bet.  On the flip side, let’s take the opposite end of the spectrum, Switzerland.  Most adults in Switzerland carry firearms, and their gun death toll is very low.  The difference between Switzerland and The United States?  The respect and responsibility that comes with owning a gun.  The Swiss have a rich military tradition and gun training at early ages.  Maybe if the United States actually encouraged gun training and responsibility classes, there would be fewer gun deaths.
When a tragedy like the Newtown school shooting or the movie theatre in Aurora, CO takes places, people are always looking for answers.  I don’t know any people, anti or pro gun who don’t feel bad for what happened.  To say that NRA members don’t care about the deaths of little kids is absurd.  The problem is, nobody wants to get to the root of the real problem.  Ron Paul said in the 2012 GOP primaries that abortion is an issue of morality.  No matter what laws are put in place, it’s the morality of the person that will determine whether or not they will have an abortion.  I think the same applies to guns.  Timothy Mcveigh did not need a gun.  The BTK killer did not need a gun.  Neither did a lot of other sick, perverted humans who have killed.  All they needed was a sick mind and a strong enough desire to kill.  Do guns make it easier?  Maybe.  But will guns help someone from protecting themselves against deranged lunatics like this?  Absolutely. When a tragedy happens, like the Boston Marathon bombings, etc, the media is always interested in “getting into the mind of a killer.”  When it is a shooting, the focus is on the gun.  This is not fair.
CIties like Chicago, Washington DC, New York City have gun homicides in record numbers even though they have strict gun laws.  How can this be?  Again, gun control does not work. Criminals by the very definition of the word do not obey the law, so they will not obey and turn in guns they aren’t supposed to have.  Who will obey the laws?  Law abididing citizens.  As you can see, the playing field is not fair yet the people who put these gun laws in place refuse to see the real problem.
Not only am I am a gun advocate, but I am a pitbull advocate as well.  In the wrong person’s hands, both can be deadly tools.  In the right, educated, responsible person’s hands, they can be a joy.  The politicians and legislators want to take the easy way out and ban the tool, instead od figuring out why these tools were used.  I guess that would take too much work and take time out of their vacation plans.  My pitbull has never bitten and my gun has never gone off on it’s own.  So what am I doing wrong?
What is the solution?  I think putting more money into mental health screenings.  Ever notice that business that have been open for 50 years are closing down while Walgreens and CVS opens on every main intersection?  America is pill happy.  The solution is always a quick fix nowadays.  Let’s stop people with mental health problems from getting guns and let’s teach our youth to respect the tool, so that instead of being used for school shootings, they can be used for self defense.  This video sums up my beliefs on guns better than any other video I have ever seen.  Societal decay.  That is what is wrong with our country.  If that doesn’t change, no gun law will change future shootings.
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