Two Party Hypocrisy


Like a good sports team, people get behind their political party.  No matter what, they stand behind their guy, no matter how many of the bill of rights they he/she shreds in the process.  When speaking to my close friends and even strangers, they make it clear that they vote for the political party and not the candidate.  This explains why so many states like California, New York, and Massachusetts, among the many are considered blue states, or democratic states.  That is because the majority is almost guaranteed to vote democrat every time.  Meanwhile, red states like Arizona, Montana, Oklahoma, etc are red states where the GOP take the majority.  This leaves less than two handfulls of swing states that decide the presidential election every time.  Notice how the candidates campaign so heavily in Vermont, while virtually neglecting Massachusetts and Rhode Island?  Notice how they always seem to visit Ohio and consider Ohio the big state while avoiding so many of the other states around it?  I agree with Jesse Ventura when he says there should be no party affiliation, not only because people will be forced to research the candidate and the issues, but because less hypocrisy from both sides will exist.

It amazes me how many people criticize George Bush for the exact things Obama is doing.  For some reason, it is ok when someone from “their party” does it, but not the other way around.  The NSA spying is the biggest form of two party hypocrisy I have seen.  So many from the left attacked George Bush when he passed The Patriot Act, yet when Obama extended it and it was revealed that the NSA under his administration was doing the same thing and hacking phone and email records, so many said it was ok. Polls will support this statement.  So why is it ok for one candidate to do it but the other to be vilified for it?  Some say it is based on trust.  Which candidate you trust more.  You will be ok with it if it’s the guy you like and/or trust.  I say it is hypocrisy at it’s grandest form.  Sean Hannity from Fox News is one of the biggest culprits of two party hypocrisy.  Clearly a Republican at all costs, he was totally fine with George Bush’s patriot act after 9/11, but when it comes to Barrack Obama using similar tactics for “national safety,” he changes his tune.

Now let’s get into war.  George Bush has a very low rating when he left office because of his wars.  It cost the country billions upon billions and the loss of soldiers’ lives were in the thousands.  So many hardcore liberals were protesting in the streets, but where are they now?  When Obama doubled the amount of troops in Afghanistan and started new wars, the protesting stopped.  Again, two party hypocrisy.  It is said the Obama’s wars have killed more than Bush’s. His use of drones have killed innocent lives in the middle east, while he was an anti war campaigner. This should outrage anybody who voted for Obama based on his anti war platform, me included.  When you look at the similarities between George W. Bush and Barrack Obama, there are several, and they are not good.  In the election of 2012, Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama had tons of similarities that I pointed out to so many.  A vote for either was a vote for big government.  People went with the devil they knew, instead of the devil they didn’t know.  Both men had Goldman Sachs as contributors, both voted for the disastrous TARP bailout, bot men never served their country, both were flip floppers, both were in favor of socialized healthcare, and most importantly, both took oaths to uphold the constitution, but didn’t.  None of this should be a surprise for someone running for office, the only surprise, I guess, is that people were enthusiastic about either guy.

A column like this could go on and on.  You get the point. So many candidates who campaign against each other use the most vile tactics in their ads, while they are guilty of the same lies and deceit, yetthe two party system makes fools out of everybody who buys those lies and deceit.  Never has there been a better time for a third party candidate to not only rise, but to be embraced by the American public.  An independent or libertarian or a candidate from the Constitution party will not get the same media coverage as the big money parties, but listen to them.  Just listen to what they have to say.  Use Youtube, the internet and subscribe to their columns.  So much of what they say not only makes sense, but exposes the lies from the left and right.  Both major parties are out to screw the US taxpayer, or at least they do once they get into office.  Don’t let the puppet show every four years fool you. There is no more Republican or Democrat.  There is nore more right or left.  There is only tyranny or liberty.  Which will you choose?

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  1. says:

    Been an RJ Brewer fan for a long time. This guy gets it. Politics, wrestling, life.etc. His thoughts echo so many Americans, he just has the platform to say it all. Good article.

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