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In light of the Alex Rodriguez suspension, I have decided to write my next piece on steroids and performance enhancing drugs.  This is something that I have written about in the past and continue to stay passionate about, so the timing is right.  For starters, I work in an industry where steroids and human growth hormone are huge part of the wrestler’s daily diet.  I know, I know, there is a very comprehensive, strict wellness policy and drug testing program in the higher wrestling companies.  Sure, unless you have a prescription and you are taking something that is not detectable in normal drug tests (human growth hormone).  We saw from the Chris Benoit incident that getting a prescription for quadruple the amount you actually need is not all that difficult.  I admit that when it comes to recovery and coming back from an injury, steroids can be beneficial.  But, how many people are using them solely for recuperating and recovery?  From my experiences, none at all.  I have been steroid free my whole life and sure, the temptation was there early in my career, but I did not want to sacrifice any long term health problems just to get a job in wrestling.  This is a personal decision everybody must make on their own so I am not telling anybody how to live his/her life.  For me, it was simply not worth the risk.  Many people will point to several cases of long time steroid users who have lived a long healthy life.  Well, I could also point to lots of long time smokers who never got lung cancer or career alcoholics who never had a liver fail.  It is simply a game of Russian roulette I never wanted to play.
My ear, nose and throat doctor told me one time that he took human growth hormone and he recommended it.  A year later, a cardiologist friend of mine told me that it is extremely dangerous and should not be taken whatsoever.  And then, you have the advice down the middle.  These are professional trained doctors with conflicting stories.  Of course you are going to get the same type of conflicting stories from the general public.  In wrestling, most pro wrestlers that I have spoken to refuse to connect steroids or HGH with the list of wrestlers who have died at an extremely young age.  Instead, they blame it on the pain killers and other prescription drugs.  I admit that these are as dangerous, if not more dangerous than steroids, but to say that steroids have nothing to do with the heart attacks and organ failures would be ignorant.  I think more often that not, they refuse to admit that what they are taking may eventually kill them, so they have a defense mechanism of “steroids don’t kill.”  It is not my job to convince them otherwise.  It always amazes me when someone refuses to put a certain type of oil or gar in their car, but have no problem putting a foreign substance in their body.  Very odd.
Steroids are not just used in pro sports or pro wrestling.  They are used recreationally as well as in movies.  Actors use the juice to bulk up for roles.  The argument is, if you were going to make 20 million dollars a film, wouldn’t you? Again, this is a personal choice.  I understand the temptation more than anybody.  When I graduated high school, I weighed 140 lbs.  I may actually be a little generous in my estimate.  Becoming a wrestler wasn’t even a consideration given my size.  So, I hit the weights at the right time and learned the proper way to diet, and gained 20 lbs in one summer.  This gave me a little added weight to try out for the college football team.  Over the course of the next 6 years, I added another 50 lbs of muscle on, giving me a grand total of 75 lbs of lean muscle.  So, this is proof that you don’t need steroids to gain muscle.  All you need is dedication, the right work ethic and most importantly a good workout program.  I urge anybody who wants to change their lifestyle and eat a clean diet with a very solid workout plan to check out  I tried a lot of workout programs growing up, but this was the only one that didn’t push a supplement to go along with it and actually made you focus on real food.  With coupon code RJbrewer1070, you will receive a discount.  I will be filming a personal endorsement video for this product over the next few weeks.  Withouth this, I don’t think I would have stayed in top physical condition throughout my wrestling career.
One of the big arguments I get from people is that steroids should be legal.  If they were, there would be a level playing field in athletic sports.  Well that would be assuming that every athlete in that particular sport would use them.  If not, then is it their fault for not taking every advantage they can?  What kind of message would we be sending to the children who idolize these athletes? Far too often, father figures are replaced by rappers, actors and pro athletes who aren’t always sending the most positive messages.  So many athletes have come out and said they do not want to be role models and I understand that, because they shouldn’t be.  But truth is, they are.  I believe a certain respect for the law and rules and regulations of the particular sport they are in should be required.  Until steroids and performance enhancing drugs are legal, then they should obey the rules and face harsh punishment if they don’t.
I have lots and lots of friends who use steroids, human growth hormone and a whole lot more.  They have made a personal choice and for that, I respect their decision.  To those considering using them, make sure you study, talk to doctors and make a decision based on your needs and future plans.  My advice, stay natural, but my message, decide for yourself.  There is a good chance that I could have made a lot more money in wrestling if I had taken steroids and got a lot bigger ( I was indirectly told to).  In the end, I decided against it.  I have had no major injuries, I am in the same pyshical shape and ring shape that I was in 10 years ago, and at 34, still feel great.  So, if you think it is neccessary, it is not.  Will it help you?  Very possible.  Will it hurt you in the long term?  Again, very possible.  Just remember, it’s your body and the pros and cons will only be yours to enjoy or regret.
RJ Brewer
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In my opinion, the word racist is one of the most overused words in the English language.  Our society has become so accustomed to labeling someone a racist without any merit or proof.  Most of the times, it is pure speculation. Other times, it is the easy way out, taking the place of civil debate that may actually lead to a different conclusion.  Whatever the reason for using the word, it is used quite often. The reason I am writing this column today is because I have been attacked by so many over the past few years, called a racist and a bigot, because of my views on immigration.  Are people so shallow to think that wanting to stop illegal immigrants is fueled by my hate of a certain race?  If you disagree with the policies of the president, it must be because of his skin color right?  If you point out the fact that non whites commit more crimes than whites, you must be prejudice, right?  This ignorance and lack of reasoning causes so many, more specifically the main stream, race baiting, liberal media, to label everybody who speaks out about this kind of stuff  a racist.  Quite frankly, I am sick of it and glad a few, like Bill O’Reilly are starting to speak out against it.
Since I started wrestling for Lucha Libre USA over 3 years ago, my message and mission have been very simple.  Stop the Mexican influence in The United States professional wrestling scene and let people know that the overwhelming stats and costs that accompany illegal immigration are true.  My goal has never been to infuriate the Mexican people or to hate the president.  Of course in pro wrestling certain things need to be said to garner a little more controversy, but the overall message is there.  The United States Government has dropped the ball on border security and illegal immigrants of all areas, not just Mexico, are coming here and costing us a bundle.  Some people say I am brave to say what I say. I say that everybody who is proud to be an American should stand up for what is right, and strike down what is wrong.  This is not an issue of race, but an issue of legality.  Illegal means illegal and until someone has the paperwork to work here, I will not welcome them with open arms.  My voyage continues.
After the Trayvon Martin verdict, as expected, the race baiters were out in full force.  Anybody who has heard Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson speak, knew they would use this teenager’s death to boost their own self worth.  These two men, along with others from the NAACP and other civil groups have done nothing but further divide the country by race.  They say it was a racist verdict.  Do you think if it was 6 black jurors on the bench, it would have been a fair trial?  I don’t.  Do you think it was a racial verdict when a jury (9 out of 12 blacks) acquitted OJ Simpson in his murder trial?  I do.  So, racism doesn’t always come from whites.  Hate can come from both sides.  Unfortunately, ignorance and hatred will always exist.  The black community has made huge leaps and bounds over the past decades, twice electing a black president.  For that I am happy.  But when racial antagonists like Sharpton, Jackson and even Eric Holder poison the minds of the impressionable black youths, that is not progress, but in my opinion, racism.  How come they don’t march and protest when a black is killed by another black?  Because it does not fit into their agenda, that’s why.
When Sean Hannity had a member of the NAACP on his show last week and asked him if he knew the names of any of the young black men who died in Chicago during the Trayvon Martin trial, he couldn’t.  Not one!!  This is a member of an organization who should be promoting the advancement of colored people.  Well to know the name of one young man who is all over the mainstream media but none of the others who have been lost in drug and gang fights means he is not doing his job.  I encourage any of the African Americans who read this piece to listen to Dr. Benjamin Carson, Allen West, Charles Payne and listen to their message.  To keep blaming whites for the problems in this country will not lead to progress, but to a further divided Republic.  We don’t need that.  Of course there are racial disparities in the justice system and black are often profiled and targeted, but those are not the reasons for every shortcoming in the black community.  Maybe O’Reilly is right when he points to the marriages out of wedlock, the gangs, the school choices and the drug influence.  Again, maybe I am being racist. Who knows.
In closing, I am not a racist.  I have friends from different countries.  Friends of different colors and cultures.  However, I will not bend over while illegals take over our country.  I will not sit and take it when “I voted for Mitt Romney because he is white” is considered a racial remark and “I voted for Barrack Obama because he is black” is accepted.   The biased media will continue to try to take down our country by the divide and conquer method, and I will continue to do my part to point out their agenda, every step of the way.  In the process, I am sure I will be called a racist.  Bring it on.
RJ Brewer
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Radio interview with PWKGW

Listed to a blog audio interview with RJ BrewerRight here:

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Gun Control

Gun Control does not work, period.  End of story.  It never has, it never will.  I have been a very outspoken advocate against gun control, even before I knew how to shoot a gun.  The fact that someone’s idiotic, psychotic actions would be attributed to a tool, rather than the person is absurd, at best.  In countries or states where gun control and strict anti gun measures have been put in place, the results have been clear, it does not work.  Take Mexico for example.  Citizens are pretty much prohibited from owning guns, yet there have been over 50,000 gun deaths in Mexico in the last seven years.  The strict gun laws have not stopped the cartel from assasinating the Mexican citizens.  If the citizens of Mexico were armed, would these deaths decrease?  You bet.  On the flip side, let’s take the opposite end of the spectrum, Switzerland.  Most adults in Switzerland carry firearms, and their gun death toll is very low.  The difference between Switzerland and The United States?  The respect and responsibility that comes with owning a gun.  The Swiss have a rich military tradition and gun training at early ages.  Maybe if the United States actually encouraged gun training and responsibility classes, there would be fewer gun deaths.
When a tragedy like the Newtown school shooting or the movie theatre in Aurora, CO takes places, people are always looking for answers.  I don’t know any people, anti or pro gun who don’t feel bad for what happened.  To say that NRA members don’t care about the deaths of little kids is absurd.  The problem is, nobody wants to get to the root of the real problem.  Ron Paul said in the 2012 GOP primaries that abortion is an issue of morality.  No matter what laws are put in place, it’s the morality of the person that will determine whether or not they will have an abortion.  I think the same applies to guns.  Timothy Mcveigh did not need a gun.  The BTK killer did not need a gun.  Neither did a lot of other sick, perverted humans who have killed.  All they needed was a sick mind and a strong enough desire to kill.  Do guns make it easier?  Maybe.  But will guns help someone from protecting themselves against deranged lunatics like this?  Absolutely. When a tragedy happens, like the Boston Marathon bombings, etc, the media is always interested in “getting into the mind of a killer.”  When it is a shooting, the focus is on the gun.  This is not fair.
CIties like Chicago, Washington DC, New York City have gun homicides in record numbers even though they have strict gun laws.  How can this be?  Again, gun control does not work. Criminals by the very definition of the word do not obey the law, so they will not obey and turn in guns they aren’t supposed to have.  Who will obey the laws?  Law abididing citizens.  As you can see, the playing field is not fair yet the people who put these gun laws in place refuse to see the real problem.
Not only am I am a gun advocate, but I am a pitbull advocate as well.  In the wrong person’s hands, both can be deadly tools.  In the right, educated, responsible person’s hands, they can be a joy.  The politicians and legislators want to take the easy way out and ban the tool, instead od figuring out why these tools were used.  I guess that would take too much work and take time out of their vacation plans.  My pitbull has never bitten and my gun has never gone off on it’s own.  So what am I doing wrong?
What is the solution?  I think putting more money into mental health screenings.  Ever notice that business that have been open for 50 years are closing down while Walgreens and CVS opens on every main intersection?  America is pill happy.  The solution is always a quick fix nowadays.  Let’s stop people with mental health problems from getting guns and let’s teach our youth to respect the tool, so that instead of being used for school shootings, they can be used for self defense.  This video sums up my beliefs on guns better than any other video I have ever seen.  Societal decay.  That is what is wrong with our country.  If that doesn’t change, no gun law will change future shootings.
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Happy July 4th – RJ Brewer has a Message to Congress

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Two Party Hypocrisy


Like a good sports team, people get behind their political party.  No matter what, they stand behind their guy, no matter how many of the bill of rights they he/she shreds in the process.  When speaking to my close friends and even strangers, they make it clear that they vote for the political party and not the candidate.  This explains why so many states like California, New York, and Massachusetts, among the many are considered blue states, or democratic states.  That is because the majority is almost guaranteed to vote democrat every time.  Meanwhile, red states like Arizona, Montana, Oklahoma, etc are red states where the GOP take the majority.  This leaves less than two handfulls of swing states that decide the presidential election every time.  Notice how the candidates campaign so heavily in Vermont, while virtually neglecting Massachusetts and Rhode Island?  Notice how they always seem to visit Ohio and consider Ohio the big state while avoiding so many of the other states around it?  I agree with Jesse Ventura when he says there should be no party affiliation, not only because people will be forced to research the candidate and the issues, but because less hypocrisy from both sides will exist.

It amazes me how many people criticize George Bush for the exact things Obama is doing.  For some reason, it is ok when someone from “their party” does it, but not the other way around.  The NSA spying is the biggest form of two party hypocrisy I have seen.  So many from the left attacked George Bush when he passed The Patriot Act, yet when Obama extended it and it was revealed that the NSA under his administration was doing the same thing and hacking phone and email records, so many said it was ok. Polls will support this statement.  So why is it ok for one candidate to do it but the other to be vilified for it?  Some say it is based on trust.  Which candidate you trust more.  You will be ok with it if it’s the guy you like and/or trust.  I say it is hypocrisy at it’s grandest form.  Sean Hannity from Fox News is one of the biggest culprits of two party hypocrisy.  Clearly a Republican at all costs, he was totally fine with George Bush’s patriot act after 9/11, but when it comes to Barrack Obama using similar tactics for “national safety,” he changes his tune.

Now let’s get into war.  George Bush has a very low rating when he left office because of his wars.  It cost the country billions upon billions and the loss of soldiers’ lives were in the thousands.  So many hardcore liberals were protesting in the streets, but where are they now?  When Obama doubled the amount of troops in Afghanistan and started new wars, the protesting stopped.  Again, two party hypocrisy.  It is said the Obama’s wars have killed more than Bush’s. His use of drones have killed innocent lives in the middle east, while he was an anti war campaigner. This should outrage anybody who voted for Obama based on his anti war platform, me included.  When you look at the similarities between George W. Bush and Barrack Obama, there are several, and they are not good.  In the election of 2012, Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama had tons of similarities that I pointed out to so many.  A vote for either was a vote for big government.  People went with the devil they knew, instead of the devil they didn’t know.  Both men had Goldman Sachs as contributors, both voted for the disastrous TARP bailout, bot men never served their country, both were flip floppers, both were in favor of socialized healthcare, and most importantly, both took oaths to uphold the constitution, but didn’t.  None of this should be a surprise for someone running for office, the only surprise, I guess, is that people were enthusiastic about either guy.

A column like this could go on and on.  You get the point. So many candidates who campaign against each other use the most vile tactics in their ads, while they are guilty of the same lies and deceit, yetthe two party system makes fools out of everybody who buys those lies and deceit.  Never has there been a better time for a third party candidate to not only rise, but to be embraced by the American public.  An independent or libertarian or a candidate from the Constitution party will not get the same media coverage as the big money parties, but listen to them.  Just listen to what they have to say.  Use Youtube, the internet and subscribe to their columns.  So much of what they say not only makes sense, but exposes the lies from the left and right.  Both major parties are out to screw the US taxpayer, or at least they do once they get into office.  Don’t let the puppet show every four years fool you. There is no more Republican or Democrat.  There is nore more right or left.  There is only tyranny or liberty.  Which will you choose?

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